Residential Real Estate —

Development of residential real estate is one of the Capital Group priorities. The company operates in the business, premium, and deluxe segments and has more than 20 successfully implemented construction projects with a total area of more than 2,000,000 sq. m in its portfolio.

Capital Group complexes and its projects of suburban communities are distinguished by the original architecture, comfortable internal space layout, as well as infrastructure fit for the class.

Within the framework of implemented residential real estate projects, Capital Group provides a full range of professional services from selling residential real estate in the City of Capital and OKO mixed-use complexes, selling apartments in Legend of Tsvetnoy Mixed-Use Complex and cottages in the Barvikha Hills Suburban Community to renting residential apartments in the City of Capitals and OKO mixed-use complexes.

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Completed projects

Безупречный ансамбль напротив Кремля
Элегантные резиденции и роскошный отель мирового уровня

The Residences Mandarin Oriental, Moscow
Residential skyscrapers near Moscow City Business Center
Capital Towers
Is done for living
The Book. Novy Arbat, 15

Современный элитный
загородный поселок

Cottage community Barvikha Hills

A quiet location
in the center of Moscow

Residential complex Panorama



Business class residential complex

Kochnovsky Proyezd, 4, buildings 1, 2

Severny Gorod

Residential complex

Dubninskaya Street, 40A, buildings 1, 2, 3, 4


Residential complex

Mironovskaya Street, 25

Sokolinoye Gnezdo

Mixed-Use Complex

Leningradsky Avenue, 76, buildings 1, 2, 3, 4

Klimashkina, 19

Klimashkina Street, 19


City of Capitals

Mixed-Use complex

Presnenskaya Embankment, 8, str. 1


Mixed-Use Complex

Leninsky Avenue, 67, building 2

Mixed-Use Complex Avenue 77

Mixed-Use Complex

micro district Severnoye Chertanovo, 1A

Constellation Capital-2

Mixed-Use Complex

Shabolovka Street, 10, building 1

Severnye Vorota

Residential Complex

Astradamsky Proyezd, 4A, buildings 1, 2


Residential Complex

Dmitrovskoe Highway, 13A


Residential complex

3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, 10


City of Yachts

Mixed-Use Complex

Leningradskoe Highway, 37, buildings 1, 2

Current projects
Completed projects