Проекты, у которых всё ещё нет конкурентов Проекты, у которых всё ещё нет конкурентов

Klimashkina, 19

Klimashkina Street, 19

About the project

Imperial House is a club house with three sections, each of which houses only two apartments per level between the 2nd to 11th floors. Each apartment has its own elevator hall and a high level of security ensures privacy for the residents of the Imperial House and their guests.

The planning solutions were developed by international experts in accordance with modern requirements for elite housing: panoramic windows, bedrooms of 45-50 sq. m. with spacious walk-in wardrobes of 7-10 sq. m., as well as large 9-10 sq. m bathrooms, many of them with windows.

Five luxury apartments, located on the 12-16th floors, are absolutely exclusive on the market: a single apartment on the floor with individual access to the elevator and views of all four directions.