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Shtat 18

Novokosinskaya Street, 18

About the project

Shtat 18 is a business class club house, created by Capital Group for comfortable living. Two seven-story buildings of Shtat 18 are located in the Moscow area of Novokosino in a compound with its own underground parking. Next to the club house is the Saltykovsky Forest Park, which is perfect for walks in the fresh air. Constructed in the European style, with a façade of German clinker brick, ceramic granite floors and stairs, the club house attracts attention with its modern architecture and favorably stands out against the environment thus emphasizing the status of its residents. The dedicated underground parking protects the residents’ cars and frees up the beautified space around the club house for walking.

Shtat 18 Residential Complex is, first of all, a new philosophy of life, it is a city in a city, an independent state in the Novokosino area which combines advanced construction technologies and modern ideas for a comfortable and private life.

Ceilings of more than 3 meters and an open plan layout of the apartments create rich opportunities for the residents of the complex to create their own personal space. In addition to one-room apartments, “Euro-twos” and “Euro-threes”, the complex presents the most demanded studio-layout apartments with an area of 22-26 sq. m.

Another significant difference of the new complex is top quality façade and finishing materials used during its construction: aluminum profile windows, as well as terracotta-colored German clinker brick typical for suburban business class housing. This durable material is a clay-based ceramic tile that has undergone a long heat treatment at high temperatures. The clinker brick was first invented by Dutch artisans who developed the technology for manufacturing high-strength ceramic stone. The brick produces a characteristic sound “clink” when tapped, hence the name.

Apartments in Shtat 18 are unique in the area. The monolithic frame construction technology, modern engineering systems, spacious entrance groups, protected landscaped inner area, a sliding gate, and a dedicated underground parking distinguishes the Shtat 18 Residential Complex 18 from others in the area, mainly represented by typical panel housing. The architectural design of the complex is made by the Ostozhenka architectural bureau, winner of the Architect of the Year-2014 category.


Mortgage —

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