Проекты, у которых всё ещё нет конкурентов Проекты, у которых всё ещё нет конкурентов

The Book

Novy Arbat, 15

About the project —

The Book. Novy Arbat, 15.
Issued for living. Is done for living.
Its love for challenges and new solutions is what allows Capital Group to be number one. Here, in a premium location on Novy Arbat Street, in the center of history and modern times, we have created the mixed-use complex The Book.
The Book Apartments are apartment suites of the highest standard and quality: functional layout solutions, high-grade finishing, modern utilities and security. Living in your own apartment suite in the city center means waking up together with your favorite city, tasting the rich flavor of coffee and seeing views from your window that are better than any pictures you find on Instagram. When the elevator brings you to any functionalities and services you might need, with a 24/7 reception desk and your favorite cafe with a breakfast menu right in your lobby. When your work and meetings are never on the run because all destinations are within your reach. When anything you need is on your street, and you are in the thick of events.


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