of residential
real estate

Residential real estate development is one of the Capital Group priorities. The company operates in the business, premium, and deluxe spheres and has a varied portfolio from residential complexes and suburban communities to apartments in mixed-use complexes of Moscow City in addition to new projects which develop unique residential formats and infrastructure fit for the class.

of residential
real estate

A full range of services for commercialization of business, premium, and deluxe residential real estate projects includes:

Full support of the transaction, including legal support

Assistance in obtaining mortgages and choosing the optimal program, cooperation with VTB, UniCreditBank and others

Sale of residential real estate at any construction stage, consultations on the most advantageous investment proposals

Payment by installments

Sale of car park spaces

The service package includes:
Long-term and mid-term rent (from 6 months and more)

Rent valuation, financial reporting, and analytics

Trust management: maximum protection against possible risks, timely change of tenants, preparation of a regulatory framework for using the suites/apartments / country cottages

Brokerage services and client support for tenants: the tenant enjoys the most comfortable living conditions, getting everything necessary with convenient 24/7 infrastructure; quick and high-quality solution of any issues related to servicing the apartments – from cleaning to cosmetic repairs

of residential
real estate

Capital Group provides services for renting residential suites and apartments. The complex of services includes providing a selection of suites/apartments as well as finding tenants in accordance with the stated criteria, negotiations, execution of all necessary documentation, and support of lease deals throughout the contract period. Qualitative services from the project developer allow to effectively organize a transaction of any complexity, while the cost of services is more interesting in comparison with similar services of Moscow real estate agencies. The company provides guarantees for its services.

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Rent and sale
of commercial
real estate

Development of high-class residential real estate is one of the Capital Group priorities. The company’s portfolio includes more than 25 projects of Class A and B office real estate, both stand-alone business centers and office premises integrated into mixed-use complexes. Retail real estate development is another promising direction of growth for Capital Group; the company’s portfolio includes more than 10 projects such as stand-alone shopping centers and deluxe retail galleries in mixed-use complexes.

Office building class
А and В+

Capital Group provides a full range of services for commercialization of commercial real estate:

Rent of office and commercial premises

Sale of office premises and retail space

Brokerage services and customer support for commercial real estate tenants

Full support of purchase and sale of real estate

Since 1998, the CAPEX management company has been a part of the Capital Group development company and has been managing and maintaining Capital Group projects, as well as providing comprehensive services for managing third-party residential and commercial real estate. 15 years of experience in managing residential, office and retail real estate, as well as experience in managing mixed-use complexes, allows the company to solve a full range of tasks arising during management and maintenance of projects of any complexity:

Management and

Forecasting and measuring the consumption of public utilities, interaction with utilities providers, and organization of energy saving measures

Interaction with municipal and federal authorities and preparation of reports for supervising bodies

Administrative services: provision of reception services in accordance with the developed standards, lease of meeting rooms in business centers

Cleaning service

Security services: protection of the site and adjacent territory, security equipment maintenance

Formation of the operational budget for the real estate

Minimization the owner’s expenses and provision of comfortable living environment for office tenants and homeowners

Technical audit of utility systems and equipment of the real estate

Commissioning of utility systems and equipment

Evaluation of technical documentation and development of additional documentation

Assessment and budgeting of maintenance costs of engineering systems and engineering equipment

Establishment of the maintenance service and organization of its work

Technical consulting in the design stage

Upkeep and maintenance of real estate buildings: technical maintenance of utility systems and equipment, upkeep of utility systems and equipment, round-the-clock dispatching service